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Patient Journey

Connecting with patients where they are.

Just like every patient is unique, so are their individual journeys. We are committed to ensuring that diverse representation in our clinical trials is cared for and considered along the patient journey.

Keep in mind that this is just a snapshot of what form a patient journey might take. It’s important that we remember this is their journey. We’re simply here to listen, to understand, to educate, to guide, and to connect.

I couldn’t believe this happened to my family.

Information gathering.

Whether newly diagnosed or seeking new options, this is when a patient will start to do some digging about their condition and course of action.

There’s a lot to learn about patients at this point in their journey. This is when we begin to formulate our strategy.

How we do it.

I’ve never thought of research as an option.

Clinical trial awareness.

We’ll reach potential patients with information regarding our trial through refined media targeting, outreach, and program strategy.

It’s important to be mindful and speak to patients about their condition and potential treatment options in their terms.

How we do it.

I talked to my doctor about it, and right now this is the best option.

Digging deeper.

At this stage, a patient is informed about our clinical trial by completing a prescreener after visiting the trial website or by their doctor.

Prequalified candidates are passed on to research sites through PraxisDirect®, our proprietary backend data management software, to determine eligibility for a potential study.

We ensure we’re communicating with the right patients by continually optimizing and analyzing our tactics.

How we do it.

Clinical research has made a difference to my family.


When a patient enters a clinical trial, we remain vigilant by anticipating barriers and keeping them informed.

Doing so keeps patients engaged and compliant to ensure they see a trial through to completion.

How we do it.

Connection in action.

We use our various capabilities and consider all the points and places we may reach patients – adjusting tactics and messaging accordingly – to craft successful recruitment programs.

Our tools