How we get focused.

While we certainly approach each and every patient recruitment challenge the same way – focused on the patient – the similarities end there. Our set of tools for each program differs by who we’re trying to connect with. It can be affected by anything – from where they live to what websites they frequent. A deep dive and our institutional knowledge enable us to make the right recommendations. And make our approach anything but cookie-cutter. Have a look at what we have to offer to make your next study a success.

Protocol Feasibility

We determine how a trial would help a patient, affect their daily life, and what potential barriers would hinder their recruitment. This helps us understand how to reach them.

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We work to truly understand our target patient. We then use their words, along with visuals that will resonate, deployed across the proper media channels to elicit action.

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Project Management

For sponsors and study sites alike, we take care of every last detail of a recruitment campaign – and keep everyone informed along the way.
It’s just what we do.

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Site Relations

Our job doesn’t end when a patient enters a study site. Providing sites with the resources and support they need throughout a program is vital to attaining the results we want.

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These days, more and more patient recruitment campaigns involve sites outside the U.S. We’re well-versed in ROW (rest of world) rules, regulations, limitations, and expectations.

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Traditional media such as TV, radio, and print continue to play an important role in many of our recruitment programs as dictated by patients’ consumption habits.

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Digital & Social Advertising

The ways in which we can connect with potential patients in their digital lives is growing exponentially. Pinpointing where and how continues to be the critical issue.

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Social Listening

Consumers are using social networks to talk about their health more than ever before. We’re paying attention to what’s being said and using that to inform our messages.

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Community Outreach

Using community and advocacy groups to further the awareness for a patient recruitment program can have positive results if the potential exists and the strategy is executed effectively.

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Influencer Outreach

We harness the power of trusted influencers to reach potential patients eager for answers about their condition. They’re a great resource
in spreading the word about
our campaigns.

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A powerful tool, analytics plays a central role in each of our recruitment campaigns from beginning to end.
It’s what keeps us on track and lets us optimize enrollment every step
of the way.

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Enrollment is so important, but it’s really only the first step in the process. Keeping patients engaged throughout the duration of a study is critical to any program’s success.

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A focused process.

While our tools and tactics have most certainly evolved over the years, our approach to patient recruitment and our tried-and-true process have largely remained unchanged.

First, we understand.

As you may have guessed, this stage of the process goes far beyond discovering our target audience’s ages and symptoms. We go far deeper to grasp what’s going on inside their heads. We also pinpoint where they live and which media will be most effective in reaching them.

Then we connect.

We take all we’ve learned to create and deploy recruitment materials that will not only flag the people we’re looking for, but entice them to act. Since all of our programs are custom, the bag of tricks always varies – from print in church bulletins to Facebook ads – based on the patients and all that makes them unique.

Finally, we manage.

Our job isn’t over once patients begin showing up at clinical trial sites. Some of our most important work takes place at this point in the process. From keeping study sites motivated to keeping you up to speed on how the program is progressing, properly managing the study’s back end is crucial to success.