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20 years at Praxis.

In celebration of Praxis’ 20th anniversary, we asked a group of our colleagues with a combined experience of 20 years at the agency, “What do you hope for when it comes to the future of clinical research?”

With experience ranging from six-plus years to six months, these folks gave us a wide range of thoughts on what they wish for the future of the industry based on their time at Praxis and the work they’ve contributed to. Read on to learn more directly from those who work behind the scenes in patient recruitment.


I hope the industry continues to strive toward accurately representing all patient populations. There is much work left to be done as diversity is an absolute must in clinical research!

– Kim Taddeo, outreach and events planner (8 years, 3 months)

I hope that the patient becomes the center of the healthcare system. I think from A to Z, there are opportunities to have the patient voice be sought out and used to better healthcare.

– Lindsay Evans, outreach manager (4 years, 11 months)

When it comes to the future of clinical research, I hope for continued advancements for rare diseases – giving patients and their families hope that future generations will have access to treatment as a result of clinical research.

– Maida Tutundzic, sr. project manager (3 years, 2 months)

We know that tech companies and startups are actively working on decentralized clinical trial solutions to make the work we do more streamlined and accessible. I hope this continues so we can use these tools to break down barriers, reduce the participation burden, and bring clinical trials right to the patient.

– Tyler Stanley, project manager, operations (1 year, 8 months)

One of the most fascinating things I have learned is how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused pharma companies to change the way they look at clinical trials. The advancements created out of necessity during the pandemic – for example, the growth of decentralized trials – not only have the potential to make sponsors and their studies more efficient, but also allow patients to participate in studies within their communities without being tied to a research site. My hope is that in the future, this provides easier access for patients of all demographics to have the opportunity to participate in studies.

– Don Brenner, marketing strategist (1 year, 1 month)

I hope in the future of clinical research, every individual with their condition feels well represented. Working on a study for cerebral palsy, I realized how meaningful it was to our photoshoot models and the patient population that the individuals represented on the materials for clinical trials look just like them, allowing them to relate and feel understood.

– Addy Wright, project coordinator (1 year)

I really wish that, for the future of clinical research, we can provide people with hope that better solutions are possible through clinical trials.

– Casey Kurkowiak, project coordinator (6 months)


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