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Reflecting on our 20 years.

Twenty years. The world was definitely different when our little startup first opened its doors with just three people back in 2002. But what should seem like a long time, at the same time, seems like the blink of an eye. Sure, we’ve accomplished much and reached countless patients (easily our biggest accomplishment). But doing what we’ve been doing – working with the world’s leading pharmas and biotechs bringing new treatments to patients who need them – has hardly felt like work at all.

During this two-decade run, we’ve certainly seen a lot. We’ve seen the emergence of so many new treatments. We’ve seen rare disease and patients offered the attention they deserve. Rightly so, given the 7000 different rare diseases that affect nearly 30 million people in the US alone. More recently, we’ve seen a renewed commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion – along with the idea that if treatments don’t work for everybody, they really don’t work for anybody.

We’ve seen mRNA research really hit its stride in the development of new vaccines – with a certain notable one taking center stage these past two years. We’ve seen a pandemic. And consequently, saw a patient recruitment industry act with tremendous determination and grace, quickly finding new ways to keep important research afloat and patients informed and cared for every step of the way. And then we saw those patients react in-kind, stepping up and stepping into sites as healthy volunteers for the vaccine that was said to be world-changing. And it was. And it all was a sight to behold.

And as our industry has grown and changed, so too has our little startup. Today, we’re larger than ever before with certain offerings that didn’t even exist in 2002. We’ve worked on more than 500 trials. We partnered with more than 70 sponsors – and about half of the top 20. We’ve recruited for more than 200 indications. We’ve had studies recruiting in more than 50 countries around the world. And we’ve helped enroll thousands upon thousands of patients.

That’s been the ultimate reward of this entire ride, and the reason we got into this business in the first place.

Never for a moment do we forget what all the work is all about. All the branding we do for each study. All the predictive modeling. All the data we collect. All the videos we produce. All the hours we put in. It’s all for the patients out there who are simply looking for another option. An alternative way to deal with their disease. A little hope. And that’s what we’re giving them time and again. It’s important work we’re doing with our incredible pharma and biotech partners. And we wouldn’t change a second of these past 20 years.

Here’s to the next 20.