The real cost of clinical trials.

It’s no mystery that it costs pharmaceutical companies a very pretty penny to conduct research with the hope of getting investigational drugs approved. From drug development to site selection to protocol adherence, a sponsor invests millions and even billions of dollars to bring a drug to market. And this investment hinges on keeping patients enrolled for the full duration of the trial. To better understand how important it is to keep each and every patient engaged from start to finish, explore our infographic.

Line items that go into the cost of a clinical trial: Investigator fees, Site staff fees, IRB fees, Procedure fees, Data collection fees, Monitoring, Sponsor salaries, Protocol amendment fees, Vendor costs, Patient recruitment, Patient retention
Almost 80% of all clinical trials fail to finish on time. 20% of those are delayed for six months or longer.
$600K/day = The loss in revenue opportunity for niche drugs when a timeline is delayed.
$8 million/day = The loss in revenue opportunity for blockbuster drugs when a timeline is delayed.
Average cost of enrolling one patient in a trial - Phase I: $15,700, Phase II: $19,300, Phase III: $26,000, Phase IV: $26,000
30% = The average dropout rate across all clinical trials. As enrollment numbers drop, so do the opportunities for revenue and an approved drug.


By the numbers, patient adherence and retention should be a high priority. Looking for some ideas to keep your patients engaged through trial completion? Drop us a line.


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