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Overcoming recruitment challenges at the site level.

From a site’s perspective, there are many patient recruitment challenges that come with conducting a clinical research study or trial. If a study faces any of these problems at the site level, it could severely impact the study as a whole.

  1. Protocol design: If your study requires lengthy visits or frequent trips to the study site, or if participants must meet difficult inclusion criteria, it might be challenging to recruit for that study.
  2. Staffing and availability: Having enough staff available to screen potential participants is another common challenge.
  3. Time of year: Oftentimes studies slow down during November and December (i.e., around the holidays) due to busy schedules and vacations. Depending on the patient population, it may also be difficult to enroll when school starts up again after summer break.
  4. Patient hesitation: Sometimes patients can be cautious or hesitant about participating in clinical research. Maybe they don’t know enough about what clinical research entails, or maybe they feel like they don’t understand exactly what will happen during the study.
  5. Travel: Means of transportation, distance, and associated time and costs are all possible hindrances for those who may not be able to easily get to and from study visits.

Our site relation services will help you navigate and overcome these hurdles to ensure your recruitment campaigns are successful. If you’d like to learn more about how Praxis can help with your patient recruitment challenges, contact us.