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Why working with Praxis is beneficial to sponsors.

Praxis has been in the patient recruitment space since 2002. In those 17 years, we have grown from a staff of three to more than 75 hardworking men and women. Constantly mindful of what’s coming next, we’ve also expanded our offerings. And like most teenagers, as we’ve matured, we have come to learn – and own – what makes us truly unique.

What sets Praxis apart is exactly why many sponsors have chosen – and continue – to work with us. Here are three of the best reasons why it’s beneficial to partner with Praxis.

We are strategic.
In fact, we have a dedicated strategy team that develops every campaign we support. This team looks at patient insights through social listening, conducts a protocol analysis, and pulls together our experienced media, analytics, and PR teams to develop our recommendations for every new study. For ongoing campaigns, our strategists are part of the team that makes sure every program is strategically optimized to best support the goals of that study.

We put patients first.
We approach each campaign with the patient experience in mind. This starts with understanding the patient – their road to diagnosis and their experiences living with the condition thus far. With this understanding, we develop a creative message unique to those patient insights. Rather than “Do you have [insert disease here]?”, we take the time to understand and speak to patients in their own words. (Some of our favorite campaigns that used patient insights as the main creative can be seen here.) By understanding the patient journey, we can also recommend the best ways to reach patients or caregivers, whether it’s through digital or more-traditional tactics.

We also believe that a thoughtful retention program is integral to the success of any clinical trial. This includes constant touchpoints and opportunities to show appreciation to study participants for their commitment to the study. We are also strategic in providing the right tools for caregivers/care partners and sites, always mindful of the important role these individuals have in supporting participants.

We have an in-house team of experts.
Our in-house talent spans every aspect of the campaigns we support, including creative, digital, video production, and public relations – all of which are supported by our project management, site relations, and analytics teams. Having these specialties in-house means faster turnarounds, opportunities for collaboration across all elements of a campaign, and greater time efficiencies.

Want to learn more about why working with Praxis is beneficial to you? Contact us to see what we can do for your next study.