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Tips for advocacy outreach.

In the context of clinical research, advocacy outreach involves sharing relevant content about the study with reputable organizations that are trusted both on- and offline. Sponsors work with patient recruitment organizations (PROs), such as Praxis, to help bring awareness and validity to a disease and a clinical research study. And PROs often assist the research sites in their own advocacy outreach efforts. Here are a few ideas for executing advocacy outreach as a research site:

  1. Use digital materials. Ask for a bank of materials that can be shared on your office’s social channels and website. This might include study logos, infographics, and IRB-approved posts to help create buzz around the disease and study. Also ask if the sponsor or PRO has a list of IRB-approved pat responses in the event that you need to respond to a comment.
  2. Identify events and sponsorship opportunities. There are many ways to get involved with local events. Walks and fun runs help raise awareness and bring people together for a common cause. Book a table or booth to display study information. Ask if your site information can be included in any event booklets or handouts, and include study information, if you can!
  3. Be a partner. Find opportunities to partner with local advocacy groups. Provide disease information for a flyer they’re working on, or offer to help draft one up!
  4. Get the word out. Hold lunch-and-learns for doctors in the area who treat the patient population. Get the word out about the study you’re conducting. Invite someone from the local chapter of the awareness organization to come speak about the disease.

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