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Behind the scenes of our patient recruitment organization.

Praxis’ capabilities extend far beyond the creative work we’ve been internationally recognized for, the national media campaigns we’ve successfully managed, and the partnerships we’ve developed with international patient communities. Check out a few other areas of expertise we regularly put to work for our clients.

Protocol feasibility. Will a patient population be interested in a particular study? What will motivate them to take part? What barriers might stand in the way? Praxis’ protocol feasibility involves delving into the protocol to evaluate the study design and treatment plan, analyze the competitive landscape, and compare the protocol to the current standard of treatment. This, coupled with social listening and linguistic analysis, can help us determine if a clinical trial is a good fit for patients. The patient voice is powerful when we’re identifying the motivators and challenges to study participation. Having this insight helps to shape both the strategy and the messaging we develop for each campaign we support.

Qualitative and quantitative research. Digging deep is always important. Praxis has extensive experience conducting both qualitative and quantitative research on behalf of our clients. Our in-house analytics department can conduct in-depth interviews (IDIs) and surveys, both of which help sponsors learn more from patients, parents, caregivers, and research site staff. These tactics are especially beneficial when identifying the patient journey to, during, and after diagnosis, as well as how that journey may impact likelihood of entering a clinical trial.

Site relations. At Praxis, we fully believe in the importance of our study sites to the success of each recruitment program. Every campaign we manage has not only an account supervisor and a project manager dedicated to the program, but also a project coordinator charged with supporting the needs of the sites. This may include onboarding sites and providing regular updates on referrals, as well as supplying needed resources and conducting local outreach. Our project managers are the power behind our offerings and the reason we attain results beyond our clients’ expectations.

This is all just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of what we offer at Praxis. Read about all of Praxis’ capabilities, and get in touch to discuss any or all of them. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.