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Newsworthy! Healthcare newsletters worth reading.

With the number of ways to access information online, something as simple as consuming the news has dramatically transformed, especially within the past decade. And with the healthcare industry specifically, you want to be sure that the outlets you’re spending time on are reputable, as health-related breaking news and updates are complex and sensitive.

To help stay on top of the latest healthcare news and trends, which play a massive role in our day-to-day at Praxis, we’ve rounded up the top newsletters worth making room for in your inbox. Read on to find out which one might be the best fit.

STAT Morning Rounds

Delivered straight to your inbox first thing Monday through Friday, STAT’s Morning Rounds newsletter, featuring articles written by its team of award-winning journalists, sums up the top stories across the biopharma, policy, health tech, and science industries. If thorough, investigative news is more your style versus skimming the headlines, STAT might be your new go-to. For a taste, check out their sample newsletter to see what you can expect every weekday morning.

STAT Pharmalot

Because we can’t get enough of STAT, we’re also big fans of Pharmalot. Written and compiled by senior writer Ed Silverman, who has covered the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years, this daily deep dive into the pharma world is delivered Monday through Friday and includes breaking news, opinion pieces, and more on a range of topics from drug policy to pricing. If you need more convincing before signing up, check out the sample newsletter.

Axios Vitals

On the newer end of media companies, Axios has already earned a trusted reputation, delivering vital news and analyses spanning industries from tech to business and science to, no surprise here, health. Sent out every weekday, Axios Vitals brings you the top stories in healthcare politics, policy, and business. Now, this range of topics could easily include articles filled to the brim with boring jargon, but the outlet addresses genuinely interesting questions and topics that apply to our everyday lives (e.g., “Here are the states where it’s costliest to give birth”).


For our fellow healthcare marketers out there, another one of our favorite publications to stay up to date with, Medical Marketing and Media (MM+M) provides a daily dose of healthcare marketing observations, insights, and opinions every weekday morning. The newsletter also features a “Five things for pharma marketers to know” roundup to keep you educated and updated in a short and sweet format. So, if you’d like your news to be consolidated, MM+M has what you’re looking for.

KFF Health News

If less frequent newsletters are more your speed (completely understandable), KFF Health News, a national newsroom that produces in-depth stories and investigations on health issues, sends out a Weekly Roundup newsletter on Fridays at 1:30pm EST highlighting the week’s top stories. Making sure you’re getting the latest and greatest to hit the healthcare industry, the newsletter summarizes coverage from over 50 other news sources and sites. Talk about a well-rounded resource!

For more ways to stay on top of the latest in healthcare, check out Praxis on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.