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Check out who’s climbing the ladder!

We have so much good news to share, and we’re excited to fill you in! To learn more about our most recent promotions across Praxis, keep on reading.


Lindsey Costello has been promoted to account director. Where do we even begin? As one of our original Praxis folks (more specifically, our second full-time hire), Lindsey has played an integral role in the development and growth of Praxis since joining 11 years ago. Throughout her journey here, she has demonstrated an exemplary work ethic by providing the highest level of service to clients and research sites. She’s also an agency extraordinaire thanks to her natural ability to get along with quite literally everyone. For years, Lindsey has introduced agency newcomers to every one of our staff with her famous welcome tours. And to answer your question, yes, she does remember everyone’s name and their responsibilities (FYI, we’re up to more than 140 employees now).

Francine Seifert has been promoted to account director. Francine first joined Praxis nearly 15 years ago (!!), and upon returning in 2020 after a short time away, she continues to be on fire like she never left! A devoted team player and guide, under Francine’s leadership, her team has successfully converted new clients into repeat business with even more growth expected for the future. In her new role, Francine will continue to manage and oversee the growth and development of key accounts while also supporting the professional development of her team.

Lindsay Evans has been promoted to sr. manager, outreach. A dream of a colleague, Lindsay has been with Praxis since 2017, when she first began as a marketing strategist. She would eventually go on to carve her own path, turning our patient advocacy group and medical organization outreach capabilities from a one-time offering into a significant component of Praxis’ recruitment campaigns. In her new role, Lindsay will continue to lead these efforts and evolve this service to meet the growing needs of our sponsors. Did we also mention that she’s the founder of our Crowley Webb Gives Back philanthropic committee, which has been able to help countless local organizations and community members across WNY over the past few years? Yep, that’s Lindsay.

Megan Keating has been promoted to sr. manager, strategy and partners. Megan joined Praxis in August 2020, and she has been an invaluable leader on the strategy team ever since. Bringing her effortlessly bright and positive attitude to the team, Megan has demonstrated an undeniable passion for her work, her colleagues, and Praxis’ partners. In her new role, Megan will continue to take charge; however, she will now head up the partners’ team efforts. Aside from her incredible growth within the department, Megan has also become involved in Crowley Webb’s Professional Development Committee to ensure that employees feel resourceful and knowledgeable beyond the specific functions of their roles. What can’t she do?

Kim Taddeo has been promoted to project manager, outreach and events. Coming up on almost 10 years at Praxis, Kim has been an integral part of the company’s outreach and event efforts, and if you’ve had the pleasure of working with her, you’re simply one of the lucky ones. Kim is no doubt one of the biggest supporters out there and always the first person to congratulate someone on their wins – no matter how big or (seemingly) small. In her new role, Kim will be responsible for planning and executing outreach campaigns while continuing to coordinate and lead all Praxis conference activities so we don’t miss out on any industry action. Where would we be without Kim?

Sue Vester has been promoted to resource manager, strategy. Sue originally got started with Praxis in January 2022 by providing administrative support, but it didn’t take long for her to show just how much she has to offer the team. Since first joining, Sue has stepped up to the plate, taking on more responsibilities, including department training, coordination of business metrics, and managing Praxis’ protocol analysts. Not to mention, she’s also our resident yoga instructor and wellness committee leader, making sure that we’re all taking time out of our busy day to focus on our own health.

Kelsey Bolt has been promoted to sr. account manager. Kelsey first started at Praxis in February 2021, and it didn’t take long for the team to recognize her outstanding abilities. As the newest account manager to join the company at the time, Kelsey showcased her hard work ethic (sound familiar?), strategic thinking, and incredible dedication to her clients and ongoing projects. Outside of being a stellar worker and teammate, Kelsey is an all-around joy, and we’re super grateful to have her and watch her continue to soar!

Elizabeth Nolan has been promoted to sr. project manager. Since joining Praxis four years ago, Elizabeth has made significant contributions to every project she has touched. For instance, she has shown superb leadership with clients Lilly and Bristol Myers Squibb – just some of our biggest partnerships, no big deal. A ray of shining light and positivity, with Elizabeth in charge, we couldn’t be more excited for her future in leading the team to continued success.

Ali Townsend has been promoted to project manager, partners. Ali joined Praxis in July 2021 after previously working as a content marketing producer at the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Bringing her talents and infectious personality over to the Praxis strategy team, Ali quickly became an all-star in our and our partners’ eyes. In her new role, Ali will manage execution activities for partners, working closely with the project management teams to launch campaigns and coordinating partner recommendations for proposals. It’s no easy feat, but if anyone can do it, Ali can.


A big round of applause for these fine folks and all the talent they bring to the table. To stay up to date on all things Praxis, follow us on Facebook, X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), and LinkedIn.