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Six tips for seeing patients over the holidays.

As another holiday season fast approaches, we’re reminded that time is precious, especially during the busier-than-busy days. Working in the clinical research space, we should remember that our patients’ availability is limited this time of year, even when they’re not attending study appointments. Check out our tips for making the most of your patients’ study visits over the hectic holidays.

  1. Avoid delays by ensuring the office isn’t overbooking appointments. Holidays should be spent with family, so being conscientious of everyone’s time always means a lot.
  2. Let patients know upon arrival if the office is running behind schedule. Communication is key. Patients will be a lot less concerned with their wait time if they’re aware of any delays right from the start.
  3. Decorate waiting rooms to make the office more inviting for patients. Spread that holiday cheer! It may seem like a small effort, but putting up fun holiday decor can lighten the moods of patients who might rather be elsewhere. It’ll also make your staff happy!
  4. Provide holiday-themed activities for kids. Whether you’re seeing pediatric patients or being mindful of younger family members, this simple act can go a long way. Offering items and activities as simple as holiday coloring books can be an amazing gesture. And don’t forget the crayons!
  5. Play seasonal music in waiting areas and clinical exam rooms. Similar to adding decor, cheerful seasonal music can help lift spirits and make appointments more enjoyable for all.
  6. Confirm appointments with patients in advance. This is likely being done year-round, but it’s especially important during the holidays. And it might not be a bad idea to increase the number of automated reminders or phone calls during the months of November and December.

These tips can help offices see more smiles and run more smoothly over the busy holidays. Learn more about Praxis and how we can help with recruitment and retention for your next study. Contact us today.