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Optimizing your media targeting for clinical trial recruitment.

At Praxis, every recruitment program we undertake is different. Which is why we tailor our media strategy to best reach the target audience unique to each study. Typically, a tiered approach is employed to optimize results against cost and reach. And the tactics we recommend depend on the patients we’re trying to connect with. Below is an infographic on how we reach target audiences, at different points in their journey, and select the most appropriate advertising and marketing tactics for a study’s recruitment.


This is just a general overview of how we approach media tactics for a recruitment campaign. But along with the highly specialized science of what we do comes the art of actually getting to know a target audience – understanding what motivates them, realizing how best to reach them, and then crafting messaging that is key to each selected tactic. If you’d like to dig deeper into what we do, or want help recruiting for your next clinical trial, get in touch with us.