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What’s an ICF video?

Before deciding to participate in a clinical research study, it’s important that patients and their caregivers know what to expect. That’s why volunteers (or their guardians) are required to read and sign an informed consent form (ICF) confirming that they fully understand the details of the study. However, sometimes all this information can be overwhelming – especially when it involves a serious medical condition. That’s why at Praxis we often create an informed consent video as a friendlier way to help patients sort through the study details.


Using the ICF as a guide, we first write a script that answers many of the basic questions patients may have about a study. This includes how long the study lasts, what tests and procedures are involved, what the potential risks and benefits of participation might be, and what rights a participant has. These details are explained using patient-friendly language that’s easy to understand.


Once a script is written, we then develop the look of the video. This typically includes recognizable and relatable two-dimensional iconography brought to life through animation. From flipping through calendar days to show a study’s duration to rolling a die to explain the odds of receiving a placebo, simplified animation is a great way to help potential volunteers visualize what their participation will entail. It’s also a friendly, disarming way to depict unfamiliar study procedures or medical devices.


Finally, we source a person to read the script over some simple background music that helps move the whole thing along. We choose a voice that is authoritative yet warm and comforting to the patients and caregivers faced with this big decision. The selected voice should also be representative of the video’s intended audience.

Here’s an example of a finished product.

Looking to incorporate more patient-friendly elements in your clinical trial recruitment? Get in touch – we’d love to help!