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The Praxis team recently attended and exhibited at the Summit for Clinical Ops Executive (SCOPE) conference in Orlando this past February. For 15 years, Praxis has presented insightful topics intended to optimize and enhance enrollment for clinical trials, and this year was no different when Matt Low (chief creative officer, Praxis), Behtash Bahador (director of health literacy, Health Communication Services, Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research [CISCRP]), and Savine DaCosta (health equity lead, Biogen) joined Robert Loll (SVP, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis) on stage to present “Promoting Trust among Diverse Populations through Patient and Community Insights.”


The panel specifically addressed and expanded upon four patient insights that were extracted from CISCRP’s 2023 Global Perceptions and Insights Study:

  1. Participants want to know that sponsors are working to make studies easier to participate in.
  2. Different populations have different preferences for how they receive information on clinical trials.
  3. Participants want familiar language in communication pieces and to see diversity in messaging.
  4. Participants want to see diversity in staff.


This discussion was personal and emotional, and it evoked many comments and questions from the audience that packed the room. We concluded with a video that Praxis produced in collaboration with Lilly, Otsuka, and CISCRP, encouraging clinical trial participation from people of every age, race, background, and ancestry.