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How we’re prioritizing our physical, emotional, and mental health in 2022.

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, 2022 is upon us. And, like clockwork, many of us have started to think about New Year’s resolutions.

Before we go down the road of thinking about everything we want to change, let’s stop and give ourselves some credit for how we’ve adapted and thrived in 2021. It’s been tough, but we’ve stepped up our resiliency game and put our physical, emotional, and mental health needs first (or at least tried to!).

So, what if we reframed the idea of resolutions and considered how we’re going to keep putting ourselves first in the New Year? New year, new me. New year, prioritized me!

We asked the Praxis team how they were going to prioritize their physical, emotional, and mental health and make 2022 “The Year of YOU.” Here’s what they said:

1. Drinking a full glass of water before and after sleeping
2. Finding one way a day to move my body
3. Journaling at least once a week
4. Finally reaching out to the family I’ve lost contact with and maintaining those relationships!

– Anna Molitor, Project Coordinator

I joined Sweat Society on Hertel Ave. a couple months ago and have found that I love their classes. My goal is to continue taking four to five classes a week in 2022!

– Maida Tutundzic, Sr. Project Manager

Allowing myself enough ‘me’ time, ensuring that I get into a fitness routine, and telling myself it’s okay to say no to things if I don’t want or don’t have the mental capacity to do them.

– Ally Reszetucha, Sr. Account Manager

Now that we are hybrid, being able to work from home on Mondays has eliminated my Sunday freak-outs. I can now enjoy my Sundays with family and catch up on laundry on Mondays!

– Tricia Barrett, Chief Operating Officer

Making time for movies I haven’t seen, in addition to reading every night instead of snacking. Also, not letting the cold weather keep me from running by making use of the dusty treadmill in my basement.

– Matt Low, SVP, Creative Director

Going for a 30-minute walk at lunch when working from home for some fresh air and exercise. And drinking lots of water!!

– Megan Keating, Marketing Strategy Manager

Keeping up a regular exercise routine three to four times per week, including Peloton rides with my CW crew! Plus, planning outings with friends (who are also colleagues and moms, like me!). They keep me sane.

– Jessica Carroll, VP, Media Director

This year, to prioritize my mental and physical health, I am working on ‘one brick at a time’ and not looking too far ahead. Hopefully by the end of the year, when I take a step back, I will have an entire brick wall built and feel accomplished!

– Addy Wright, Project Coordinator

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