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Praxis’ pillars of outreach.

When Praxis provides recommendations for patient recruitment, we evaluate what we call the pillars of outreach: paid media, advocacy outreach, public relations, and strategic partnerships. We then determine what will be the most effective based on a study’s patient population and their anticipated journey into and throughout the study.

Finally, we deploy appropriately.

By providing a cohesive approach, Praxis is able to closely track the performance of each tactic individually, as well as in relation to one another, to provide optimizations and ongoing recommendations that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at each pillar for consideration.


Pillar 1: paid media.

Our in-house media department evaluates opportunities across a wide range of tactics, including traditional and digital channels. Typically we focus on digital channels, which offer more-specific targeting than traditional media placements:

  • Paid search and clinical trial listings are the most-targeted tactics, as they can reach people who are actively seeking information about a specific condition
  • Paid social and online display can be targeted based on past behavior indicating an interest in a specific medical condition, which we use to influence consideration for a study
  • TV, radio, and out-of-home advertising use demographic and/or geographic targeting to generate mass awareness of a study, reaching both patient and care provider audiences

Pillar 2: advocacy outreach.

Outreach to patients through trusted organizations, information sources or networks, and referring physicians can bring effective validity and awareness to a study. Our in-house outreach department has experience working closely with the following groups:

  • Advocacy organizations, which often engage with not only patients but also caregivers and physicians
  • Individual patient advocates, who often have engaged followers and are open to posting about research options on their Twitter, personal blog, or Facebook page
  • Professional organizations, though they may not be a direct line to patients, can help raise awareness with potential referring physicians

Pillar 3: public relations.

For a clinical trial, public relations can drive awareness and credibility among target audiences. Media relations – which involves establishing and leveraging relationships with journalists, editors, and reporters – can produce accurate, balanced, and timely stories using IRB-approved messaging. Depending on the scale of the study and the number and location of study sites, a media relations campaign can focus on media outlets and publications with national or global reach, take a hyper-targeted focus to local news outlets in markets surrounding study sites, or be a mix of both.

Pillar 4: strategic partnerships.

During planning, Praxis also evaluates strategic partners who have specialized business models that complement Praxis’ core capabilities to develop a tailored and unique approach for each study that will assist in meeting enrollment and awareness goals. Praxis can manage these partners completely or work side by side if contracted directly by the sponsor client. As with all tactics, Praxis implements tracking for the efforts of strategic partners as much as possible to monitor success within the overall context of the campaign.


Let’s find the right mix for you.

Ready to put the power of Praxis outreach prowess to work for you? Reach out to learn more about how we can support your upcoming clinical trial.