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Round of applause for the promos!

We’re catching you up on the good news! Read on to learn more about our well-deserved promos here at Praxis.

Malina Creighton has been promoted to project manager. Malina joined Praxis in 2022 and has been an absolute superstar since then. Her dedication, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness in all that she does to support our sponsors is truly unmatched. On top of being a great addition to her team, Malina’s positive attitude and upbeat personality leave a mark on everyone she works with. We’re thrilled to recognize Malina and her hard work as she takes this next step in her career.

Anna Molitor has been promoted to project manager. Since joining Praxis as a project coordinator in 2021, Anna has consistently demonstrated her unwavering commitment to teamwork. It’s no surprise that Anna has a passion for mentoring and training her fellow team members, which showcases her dedication to growth and success within her department. Additionally, Anna is always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges. Who wouldn’t want Anna on their team?

Kayla LaForest has been promoted to senior project manager. Known for her reliability, Kayla is frequently sought after as the go-to person on her team, always ready to offer assistance. Her ability to remain organized and detail oriented is crucial in meeting client expectations. Outside of work, Kayla dedicates her time serving as a board member of Field and Fork, aiding those facing food insecurity. It’s evident why everyone at Praxis feels fortunate to collaborate with her.


Congrats to Malina, Anna, and Kayla! To stay up to date on all things Praxis, follow us on FacebookX, and LinkedIn.