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Healthcare trends to keep an eye on.

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the healthcare industry forever, introducing new challenges, new norms, and even new developments. The following three healthcare trends, two of which rely primarily on technology, have rapidly grown in popularity over the past year and likely won’t be going away anytime soon.


The use of telehealth to replace traditional clinic visits became vital in 2020, when providers had to pivot and find new ways to see their patients safely. Now, as vaccines continue to roll out and patients can return to in-person appointments, many still like the convenience of telehealth – making it likely to stick around for more routine visits.

Virtual clinical trials.

In addition to seeing doctors virtually, medical breakthroughs such as conducting vaccine trials virtually, using online platforms and apps, have proven successful. Conducting trials virtually can help reduce the burden or challenges some patients run into when considering participating in clinical trials; it can also help diversify the candidate pool.

Mask wearing.

This trend might not be as high-tech as others, but the use of masks during the pandemic helped reduce the spread of more than just COVID-19. Cases of common colds and flu both dropped during the pandemic, likely due to mask wearing. While the national mask mandate has been lifted, some people will choose to continue wearing masks to help keep themselves healthy – especially during cold and flu season.

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