Why I love working at Praxis.

The average professional spends roughly 90,000 hours of their life at work. On average, that’s about one-third of their entire adult life! There is no denying that the percentage of your time spent at work has the power to influence your attitude towards all the other aspects of your life. With that being said, why would anyone want to spend all that time doing something they don’t enjoy? Lucky for me I really enjoy working at Praxis, and here’s why:

  1. Innovation. Our line of work is part of a very innovative field. Much like the clinical trials we work with on, we too are encouraged to bring new ideas, methods, and techniques to the table to evolve our internal structure.
  2. Egalitarianism. Everybody’s opinions matter, regardless of their title or role. Every team member is utilized when providing our services, so we are all viewed as equal pieces toward completing the puzzle.
  3. Company. Our company genuinely cares about its employees. Monthly, we host a company-wide “Speakeasy” to get workplace conversation going, and we respect work-life balance by recognizing birthdays, babies, and engagements.
  4. Community. In addition to our internal team, we also genuinely care about the community here in Buffalo. Through the initiative of CW Gives Back, we donate our time and resources to a number of local non-profits and organizations.
  5. Culture. Our culture allows us to have fun while working hard. We are big advocates of celebrating each other’s’ victories. From company-wide emails, to participating in extracurricular boards and events, to the occasional celebratory happy hour, our hard work does not go unnoticed.
  6. Impact. Our work is impacting people’s lives around the world. Each clinical trial we take part in, whether it be a success or not, is another step toward a medical advancement for several illnesses, conditions, and diseases.

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