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More and more aspects of our lives are going digital, and healthcare is no exception. Social networks have become an important health resource, and not just for the youngsters. Nearly 90% of older adults who use the internet and social media have turned to these networks to seek and share health information, according to the Journal of Medical Internet Research. That said, it’s still very important to vet any health information or medical advice received online. One way to do this (aside from consulting with a primary care physician, of course) is to seek out reputable sources.

Today’s top healthcare influencers include a mix of doctors, nurses, advocacy groups, patients, and public figures. In this post, we at Praxis take a look at some of the people and organizations using their reputations on social to help make healthcare better for all.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

For most people, this name is very familiar! Dr. Gupta is a neurosurgeon and the chief medical correspondent at CNN. With more than 2.5 million Twitter followers, he’s the most influential influencer on this list. Covering pretty much every hot healthcare topic – ranging from the health of the current US president to the troubles facing healthcare reform – he’s a must-follow for anyone in the industry.

Kris Carr

Kris is a wellness activist and cancer survivor with almost 150K Twitter followers. Her messages are geared toward inspiring and motivating followers to pursue their health goals.

Kevin Pho, MD

Dr. Pho is a top influencer with more than 160K followers on Twitter. He is one of the most well-known doctors on social, notably due to his blog, KevinMD. He offers commentary on current issues facing doctors and healthcare as a whole.

Dr. Mike Varshavski

With more than six million followers on YouTube and nearly 275K followers on Twitter, the @RealDoctorMike is a board-certified primary care physician who received his influencer fame from reacting to medical memes and shows like Grey’s Anatomy. He has a modern take on healthcare that’s refreshing and unique.

Andrew Lopez, RN

Deemed a “nurse-fluencer” (by me), Lopez regularly advocates for nurses’ rights and healthcare reform. With 15.2K followers, his Twitter page is a great resource for frequent healthcare updates and news.

American Medical Association

It may be obvious, but the AMA is a true advocate in healthcare and significantly influential on social. Through their promotion of best practices and key guidelines for physicians, they tackle the nation’s greatest public health crises.

The simple truth is, patients now turn to social media for all kinds of advice. They use it to look for information, find support, and make healthcare decisions. If you want to explore influencer outreach for your next study, contact Praxis today.

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