Surprising companies that support clinical research.

You’re likely aware of companies like Uber, 23andMe, and Quest Diagnostics, but you might not know that these companies support clinical research, patient recruitment and retention. Here’s a quick roundup of commercial companies and what they do to support the clinical trial space.

Uber Health.

Uber can be a big help when it comes to providing patient transportation to and from study visits. The company’s HIPAA-compliant ride-share platform allows sites to easily schedule rides through the Uber Health dashboard. While this option may not be the best fit for all patient populations, it’s easy to implement when appropriate. Uber Health takes what could be perceived as a hefty burden and turns it into a point of differentiation for a study. Check out Uber’s website dedicated to patient transportation.


This popular genetic and ancestry service has an engaged community of participants who have opted in to learning about research opportunities. 23andMe hosts one of the largest research databases of genotypic and phenotypic information in the world. Read more about how 23andMe is accelerating research on their website.

Quest Diagnostics.

As the world’s largest database of clinical lab results, Quest can provide a variety of patient identification services, including site validation, direct patient screening, and physician outreach, all based on ICD-10 codes and lab results. Check out the “Pharmaceutical Relationships” page on their website to learn about all the ways Quest supports clinical trials.

Could these vendors and services benefit your trial?

Many other companies support clinical research and can directly impact recruitment and retention for clinical trials – but it is not one-size-fits-all. Praxis can help you determine the best partners for each unique clinical trial based on patient population, protocol requirements, and your recruitment and retention needs and objectives. Contact our dedicated strategy team today to find your custom solution.

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