September synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

Stay up to the date on everything from the race for a COVID-19 vaccine to today’s top healthcare influencers in our latest posts.


covid-19 vaccine updatesThe latest on the race for a COVID-19 vaccine. As we all anxiously await a vaccine, stay up to date with the latest coronavirus developments here.


Driving traffic to a study websiteDriving traffic to a study website. At Praxis, we use two primary channels to increase traffic to our clients’ clinical study websites. Can you guess the tactics?


covid social listeningHow opinions on clinical trials are shifting due to COVID-19. During these uncertain and frustrating times, we hope this shift will offer a silver lining in that clinical trials will become more top of mind for patients, and more often discussed by all.


healthcare influencersThe doctor will tweet you now. Tune in to today’s top healthcare influencers! Who’s your favorite on the list?


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