Various tiers of Praxis outreach support.

When it comes to clinical research, outreach can prove to be an incredible tool for spreading awareness of a study by sharing relevant content with reputable organizations and patient advocates who are trusted by the people we’re trying to engage. Praxis’ outreach department is available to offer support as needed, which can vary by sponsor, study team, and study. During kickoff, we work with each of our clients to determine the best approach for an individual study, which may include varying levels of Praxis’ support for planning, managing, facilitating, and optimizing results when developing new or leveraging existing relationships. Typically, we categorize our support levels in the following ways.

Full-service support.

In our full-service scenario, Praxis is responsible for managing advocacy efforts from A to Z. This entails development of an outreach plan, creation of all required assets, and execution, including ongoing tracking and optimizing. To develop the plan, Praxis researches appropriate organizations, identifies opportunities, and selects the best options based on our available budget and timelines. This plan is presented to the sponsor for approval. Praxis then manages execution of the plan, which includes any necessary negotiations, distribution of assets and payments, and ongoing recommendations for improvements.

Internal bandwidth help.

Alternatively, Praxis can step in as needed to supplement the sponsor’s internal teams. The level of support Praxis provides is determined with the sponsor during planning and includes agreeing on roles, responsibilities, and approval processes.

Support from Praxis may include responsibility for some aspects of plan development, such as conducting additional research and vetting, or providing recommendations for opportunities identified by the sponsor. Once organizations have been identified and tactics approved, our help can vary from taking on direct communication with organizations to execute tactics, to being the sponsor’s “back-end” support as the sponsor maintains all contact with the organizations. Often we divide the list of approved organizations, with Praxis facilitating outreach to smaller organizations, individual advocates, or groups with which we have an existing relationship.

 Foundational support.

If no planning or execution support is needed, Praxis can provide assets or tracking codes only at the request of the sponsor.

No matter the level of support you might need, our outreach department can bring our experience working closely with advocacy and professional groups, building and maintaining relationships with individual patient advocates, and developing traditional media relations to your trial. With the help of our internal media team, strategy team, and project management department, we provide best-in-practice support at the level needed for each study. So if you’re interested in learning more about how we can amplify your outreach efforts, get in touch.




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