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Pediatric Viral Warts

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We were charged with recruiting children for a study on pediatric viral warts at 19 research sites across the country. The study called for two stages of centralized recruitment. Our target audience was mothers between the ages of 25 and 44, who research indicated were heavy magazine readers. So parenting and family publications became the driving force of our media strategy.


In addition to targeted print ads, our campaign consisted of posters, a brochure, direct mail, and a website. We generated more than 500 unique visitors to the website and nearly 150 calls to the centralized recruitment center. Sites were able to collect 98% of all pre-qualified candidates’ outcomes via PraxisDirect. We shortened the recruitment period by 24 days, resulting in a return on investment of a quarter-million dollars. Plus, our retention campaign achieved a 93% success rate.

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