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Pediatric Spasticity

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We were tasked with recruiting for a study on spasticity in children with cerebral palsy. In any trial involving children, earning parents’ trust and making them feel comfortable is always the main consideration. This is even more critical when the children have such a sensitive condition. Keeping this in mind throughout the effort made detailed information, follow-up support, and proactive outreach to influencers key to our campaign.


As part of our communications, we implemented online search and Facebook advertising, public relations, and direct physician mailings. To ensure their effectiveness and not overwhelm the study sites, we staggered these tactics. Our online advertising resulted in more than 28 million impressions, driving 61% of the 12,600 unique website visitors. And our public relations effort generated eight news stories for our eight study sites. In the end, 34% of patients screened came directly from Praxis referrals.

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