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Tardive Dyskinesia

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We were charged with recruiting patients who suffer from tardive dyskinesia (TD), a condition characterized by involuntary facial and body movements in people who have schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The Kinect Study was testing a treatment option that would help reduce the severity of TD symptoms. We targeted two main audiences – TD patients and their caregivers – and created a campaign that would capture their attention in a respectful manner, and encourage participation in the study.


Our online advertising campaign generated more than 70 million impressions to our target audience and delivered 55% of the nearly 65,000 visitors to the study website. We were also able to work with 52 different organizations to facilitate sponsorships that helped spread the word about the condition and the study across many communities. The Kinect Study has completed enrollment and is now moving to a Phase 3 trial.

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