Listening (ever so closely) to the conversation.

Imagine being tuned into the conversations of millions of patients around the world as they chat around their personal, tailored, online water coolers. In a time when 33% of consumers are using social networks to talk about their health, that’s the power of social listening.

What’s being said is more critical than ever.

Praxis knows how to effectively and efficiently listen in on the important conversations. We find influential community members and popular platforms, and then listen in about conditions, medications, symptoms, and even clinical trials. We also pay special attention to thoughts and feelings, as these are keys to truly understanding patient motivation.

Collecting insights is only the beginning – we also uncover trends and identify the right people to engage with our message.

The right tool for the job.

Sysomos allows us to tap into conversations happening all over the internet. Not only does this incredible tool enable us to pull from 50 million sources including blogs, message boards, forums, social media, video, and photo sharing sites, it allows us to look back through two years of historical data and segment by region or language for ROW analysis.

Mary Kate Sidoti, Praxis Communications, social listening for clinical trial patient recruitment

Social listening is the new focus group. It gives us unlimited access to what our audience shares about their health. We’ve never had this much insight until now. Mary Kate Sidoti, Data Analytics Manager

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