Giving sites the attention they deserve.

Sure, we’re patient recruitment specialists. But our job doesn’t end the moment a person walks through the doors of a clinical trial site. This is when the critical work begins, and offering sites the support they need to get the results we all want is vital.

We can relate.

At Praxis, Project Coordinators have many important jobs. On any given day they’re charged with:

  • Forming strong relationships with study coordinators at sites
  • Communicating with study coordinators on the outcomes of each referral
  • Assisting sites in reaching out to patients
  • Empowering sites to seek candidates from their own patient databases
  • Ensuring our processes mesh seamlessly with those of the sites
  • Coordinating the production and distribution of all recruitment materials
  • Facilitating central and local IRB submissions
  • Conducting effective local outreach on behalf of every site

Simply put, Praxis provides sites with comprehensive day-to-day recruitment support and takes care of the myriad tasks required to effectively manage retention programs. It all adds up to making our clients lives easier and studies more productive. And we usually beat deadlines along the way.

Sara Root, Praxis Communications, Clinical Trial Study Site Relations

A secret to our success has been the seamless integration of our team with site professionals during every step of the process. We take these relationships seriously, because our clients’ success is how we measure our own. Sara Root, Account Supervisor

Let’s get focused on your next patient recruitment challenge.

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