Motivation. Motivation. Motivation.

We know that getting patients involved in a research study doesn’t mean much if we don’t keep them engaged throughout the duration study. So retention programs play an important role in many of our recruitment campaigns.

Keep them coming back.

We tailor a program specific to the needs of a study based on factors like the types of patients and potential barriers. For instance, are we dealing with children who need to spend an inordinate amount of time at study sites? The solution – provide tablets loaded with games to help the time pass.

Whether it’s rewards for staying involved, reimbursement for time and travel, or reminders to attend study visits, we know there are IRB and potential sponsor regulations regarding patient gifts. So we always make informed, experienced recommendations.

That being said, a retention program is not always appropriate. We’ll take the time to figure out if one is right for your study.

Some of the retention tactics we offer include:

  • Study-branded gifts
    • Water bottles
    • Tote bags
    • Sanitary wipes
    • Dental kits
    • Gift cards
    • Gas cards
  • Study-branded reminders
    • Appointment reminder stickers to place on calendars
    • Mirror clings with the study logo
    • Text message reminders with the next visit date
    • Email reminders with the next visit date
    • Study newsletters with information on what to expect at the next visit and tips on staying healthy
  • Caregiver reimbursement program
    • Study-branded debit card given to caregivers as incentive for bringing the patient to each visit. Visits result in money being added to the card.

Malissa Bowman, Praxis Communications, Clinical Trial Patient Retentions

It can be as simple as a branded water bottle, but letting a patient know they’re important can make all the difference to the success of a study.
If we want them showing up to all appointments, they need to feel valued. Malissa Bowman, Sr. Director, Operations & Compliance

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