An exercise in understanding.

“If I were a patient with this condition, how would this trial help me?” This is the central question we ask when embarking on a new recruitment campaign. Understanding the answers helps us better understand who we’re targeting, and ultimately how to reach out to them.

Doing our homework.

How do we get there? We delve into the protocol to evaluate the treatment plan and study design. We analyze the competitive landscape to see which other study recruiters are vying for our patients. We compare the protocol to the current standard of treatment. This helps us determine why a patient would stop current treatment to try something new or different, and the advantages and/or risks of changing treatment.

All of this legwork enables us to build a profile of the kind of patient who would be most interested in participating in a study, and help us determine how the study would fit into a patient’s lifestyle. We’re able to then customize solutions to complement the protocol, and craft messages we’re certain will resonate.

Karen Renzi, Praxis Communications, protocol feasibility for clinical drug trials

Digital and social advertising are cost-effective, efficient ways to reach the right people with the right message. And because it’s all online, we can easily measure success and take every opportunity to optimize. Karen Renzi, Director of Strategy

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