Getting the community on board.

Community outreach can have a huge impact on patient recruitment if executed effectively. And the success of any outreach campaign depends largely on sites that have existing relationships with potential referrers, and are truly committed to seeing the activities through. Fortunately, we have an excellent track record for helping studies gain traction on the community level.

A grassroots approach.

We do our homework to find area organizations that treat our patient population, and then deliver study materials for display – posters, brochures, whatever they’ll agree to use. And since folks from study sites are actually on the ground, in the communities, we invite them to be part of the process of identifying potential partners and distributing materials.

From walks to community events to speaking engagements, local sponsorships can help spread the word about a study. State and local chapters of organizations focused on the condition we’re recruiting for are a great place to start, but the possibilities are endless. We identify sponsorship opportunities and then determine ways to promote our study. We also coordinate with specialty groups to ensure placement of our message in publications, newsletters, websites, and bulletin boards.

Lindsey Costello, Praxis Communications Community Outreach for Patient Recruitment

Creating partnerships throughout the community not only allows us to more easily spread the word about our studies, it creates more validity and trust in what we’re doing. Lindsey Costello, Sr. Account Supervisor

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