Choosing media wisely.

The placement of our message is just as important as the message itself. That’s why for each and every recruitment campaign, we wipe the slate clean and take a fresh look at who we’re talking to, their media consumption habits, and how best to reach them through traditional media. That is, if it makes sense.


YouTube. Hulu. Smartphones. Tablets. Gaming devices. “TV Everywhere” is the new normal. Consumers are now able to stream their favorite TV programs when they want on the device they want. TV consumption has forever changed, as has the way we purchase television advertising. Cable TV and broadcast TV still offer a highly targeted way to reach potential patients and caregivers, and can be bought nationally or market-by-market. And online video is a cost-effective tool to reach an even more targeted audience as they watch on these new screens.


Today listeners can access exactly what they want from a variety of sources, including satellite and internet radio. Each serves specific demographics based on formats and genres. At Praxis, we use nationally syndicated research to determine the most listened-to stations, times, and formats, and to understand how our target audience accesses their radio.


While its use is far different from what it was even a decade ago, print can still serve as a highly targeted medium to reach a specific target audience. We use GfK MRI data to glean details and gain insight into the media consumption patterns of a study’s target audience. If a print vehicle is appropriately targeted to ensure minimal waste, it can then be part of our recommendation for a study.

Advertising for Clinical Trials through TV, Media Strategy to Recruit Patients for Clinical Trials
Advertising for Clinical Trials through Radio, Media Strategy to Recruit Patients for Clinical Trials

Research guides our tactics.

  • MRI: Provides national media and consumer research on media usage, demographics, psychographics, and consumer behavior
  • Nielsen Television Ratings: Tracks television viewing behavior down to the second, revealing detailed programming and commercial engagement
  • SQAD: The industry-standard resource for forecasting TV and radio costs
  • Media Audit: Syndicated local-market, qualitative audience research
  • Arbitron Radio Ratings: Measures network and local-market radio audiences across the United States
  • Scarborough: Syndicated local-market research on media behaviors, lifestyle, and demographic information of American consumers
  • eMarketer: Global data, insights, and perspectives for marketing in a digital world

Jessica Carroll, Praxis Communications media advertising for clinical trials

With the growth of ‘TV Everywhere’ and streaming radio, consumers have the power to customize their experience like never before. This gives us incredible targeting power in delivering our messages. Jessica Carroll, VP, Media Director

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