Bringing empathy to life.

As our focus is always on the patient, crafting the right message is always key to a successful patient recruitment campaign. Finding the right mixture of words and visuals that we’re certain will resonate and entice a person to act isn’t easy, but it’s what we do. And what we do well.

Making the right connection.

It all starts with patient insights. At the outset of any study, our team of patient insight specialists goes to work to uncover what makes our audience tick. We read, we listen, we analyze, we sift through mounds of research until we have the ammunition we need to create messages that connect with people in a memorable, often emotional way – using their words and feelings.

We also have extensive experience branding study series and campaign extensions. When tackling studies that are part of a larger effort and may include subsequent phases down the road, special attention must be given to the creative messaging.

We must ensure that the central idea is extendable, and that design and themes are adaptable to multiple studies.

Our overall creative process has served us well. So well, in fact, we’ve been recognized time and again for our creativity on the local, regional, national, and international level. And while these outcomes are certainly nice, the true results are quality patients and ROI we deliver time and again for our clients.

Matt Low, Praxis Communications, VP, Creative Director

True creativity lies not in a clever headline and visual, but in the empathy we demonstrate, driven by solid insights. Matt Low, SVP, Creative Director

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