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As one of our most powerful tools (if not the most powerful), analytics plays a central role in each of our recruitment campaigns. We employ it before a study even begins right through to end reporting.

A closer look.

Through a linguistic analysis, we take insights from primary and secondary research, along with social listening, to drive our patient-centric recruitment strategies. We use statistical tools to support our media team in optimizing enrollment. We apply predictive modeling to the recruitment end date, so we’re able to effectively monitor the progress of our efforts. We do heavy, ongoing reporting on each recruitment website. Finally, end-of-study reporting provides a look back at overall data.

In a nutshell, analytics is an invaluable tool that keeps us on track.

Clinical trial analytics plays a role in Praxis recruitment campaigns. We employ linguistic analysis, SPSS and Google Anlaytics for every clinical trial.


  • Predictive analytics to project the recruitment end date and increase ROI
  • Ongoing market analysis to optimize media
  • Ongoing research site performance analysis
  • Patient segmentation (quantitative)
  • Custom proprietary database management

Linguistic analysis.

  • Applying cluster analysis by creating patient psychological profiles
  • Social listening support
  • Patient segmentation (qualitative)
  • Qualitative comparative analysis based on patient insights

Google Analytics.

  • Ongoing web analytics to optimize campaign performance
  • Provides a comprehensive custom analytics report for clients on a monthly basis, including patient-centric conversion goals

Andrea Berki-Nnuji, Praxis Communications, analytics for clinical trials and patient recruitment

Analytics has such a great impact on our business these days. Being able to know exactly what’s working and what’s not, and then changing the course accordingly – that’s power. Andrea Berki-Nnuji, VP, Data Analytics

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