October synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

Read up on how to improve clinical trial awareness with patient registries, check out the metrics we use to measure the success of a patient recruitment campaign, and learn how to address the stigma surrounding clinical research. Get the latest on these stories and more below.

The latest from Praxis.

The rise of patient registries. Learn more about the various forms of patient registries and how they can be used to improve clinical trial awareness.

Five common obstacles in global clinical trials. Clinical trials are now conducted in more than 140 countries worldwide. Learn how to overcome some common challenges presented by taking a trial abroad.

Three ways to reduce clinical trial stigma. In a recent study, only 40% of Americans had a positive response when asked about clinical research. Learn how to address this issue.

The Praxis team is growing. It’s always fun to see a family grow, and it’s no different here at Praxis. Join us in welcoming our three latest additions, and see what they’re all about.

Top four clinical trial metrics sponsors should care about. Check out four of the top metrics both we and our sponsors lean on to measure the success of patient recruitment campaigns.

Pharmas that give back: Lilly. This is the second installment of our new series honoring pharmas that give back to their communities.

October’s pharmaceutical breakthrough of the month: Ecstasy as a potential PTSD therapy. In spring 2018, phase 3 trials will begin to test MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in patients suffering from PTSD.


Elsewhere in the news.

Photographer raises awareness of kids with rare diseases in striking series. “The Rare Project” comprises photos of Welsh and English kids with rare diseases to show their experiences in a new light.

Impact patient outcomes without talking to the patient. When marketing, promoting, and recruiting for a trial, are you thinking only of the patient? What about caregivers?

We all need to stand up for the medical science that yields the miracles. As Congress debates the 2018 budget, which may include cuts to research funding, one foundation is promoting medical research with the hashtag #ResearchSavedMe.

Cancer patients struggle to understand clinical trials. New survey results involving 1,090 adult cancer patients suggest they don’t fully understand clinical trials.


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