Awareness campaigns for November: Lung Cancer Awareness Month, World Diabetes Day, and more.

With such a wide variety of worthy causes taking center stage this month, it’d be difficult not to take action. Have a look.

American Diabetes Month

Throughout November, the American Diabetes Association will showcase stories of real people living their lives that have been affected by diabetes. To show your support for the “This Is Diabetes” campaign, share the posters, social media images, and more found on the association’s website.

We at Praxis have had the opportunity to recruit for a number of diabetes clinical trials, including the Momentum Study, the Horizon Study, the Breeze Study, and the DUAL Study.

National Healthy Skin Month

Here’s a fun fact you may remember from grade school: The skin is the body’s largest organ. For this reason (and many others), the American Academy of Dermatology urges everyone to care for their skin this month and throughout the year. Download the organization’s healthy skin infographic or browse their online articles for tips on maintaining healthy skin.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung cancer accounts for about 27% of all cancer deaths. Join the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer in raising awareness of the diagnosis and treatment advances in recent years and those yet to come. Read up on the facts, become an active advocate, and help spread the word.

National Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®

During a month focused on food, food, and more food, the organization No Stomach for Cancer reminds us that those with stomach cancer – or those living with no stomach at all as a result of the disease – can face a unique set of challenges this time of year. Support the cause by sharing stomach cancer information on social media, attending a fundraising event, or even simply putting up a sign outside your home or office.

World Diabetes Day, November 14

Join the International Diabetes Federation as it observes World Diabetes Day on Monday, November 14. This year’s theme, “Eyes on Diabetes,” is promoted through activities and materials stressing the importance of early diabetes screening. Raise awareness by sharing these resources  and be sure to get tested.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day, November 17

Many pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed too late to receive life-saving treatment, leading to an alarmingly low survival rate. Join the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition on Thursday, November 17, in raising awareness of the need for research. Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #InItTogether and share the facts and figures with colleagues to show support.

What medical awareness campaigns are you focused on this month? Interested in learning more about what has our attention? We’d love to hear from you.


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