Boosting patient awareness and education through media relations

media relations for clinical trialsMedia relations for clinical trials is a fundamental tactic used by PR professionals in the pharmaceutical world. Though it has evolved to keep up with the changing media landscape, the digital revolution, shrinking newsrooms, and social media consumption, the main goal remains the same: to share a message through a credible third party to generate awareness, education, or action within a target audience.

To run a successful media relations campaign, PR professionals work to establish relationships with members of the media – journalists, editors, reporters – for accurate, balanced, and timely stories.

When used in the pharmaceutical patient recruitment space, media relations can not only generate awareness for a clinical research study, but also drive potential participants to a study website with more extensive information and educate them and the public on both the clinical trial process and the condition being researched. This is extremely powerful in the case of rare diseases.

For a typical media relations campaign, Praxis’ PR team reaches out to journalists using IRB-approved messaging and works with each journalist to craft a story and disseminate information. This outreach primarily involves sharing information on the condition itself and, whenever possible, telling the story of a real-life patient or advocate.

Depending on the scale of the study and the number and location of study sites, a media relations campaign can focus on media outlets and publications with national or global reach, it can take on a hyper-local focus to target news outlets in markets surrounding study sites, or it can be a mix of both.

Much like traditional advertising, once we understand the target audience’s media habits, we can then focus in on the media that potential participants are more likely to watch, read, or listen to. We then work with a journalist to share our message, giving it more credibility than a standard advertisement.

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