June synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

Melanoma survivor T.J. Sharpe shares his story in a two-part series, our director of digital strategy discusses the role of psychology in user experience, and we share nine tips from site staff on improving your initial conversations with potential trial participants. These are just some of the topics we covered on our blog this month. Read up on these stories and more below.

The latest from Praxis.

Patient Perspective: Melanoma survivor T.J. Sharpe shares his story (part 1). T.J. Sharpe was given two years to live with a terminal melanoma diagnosis. A clinical trial saved his life.

Patient Perspective: Melanoma survivor T.J. Sharpe shares his story (part 2). Check out the second half of our story with patient advocate T.J. Sharpe, a melanoma survivor who is now a dedicated advocate for clinical trials.

Patient recruitment strategies: Nine tips for talking with potential patients. The initial conversation between site staff and potential trial participants is critical. Make it count with these simple strategies our sites have used successfully.

Five benefits of social listening for clinical trials. Learn how social listening can reveal valuable insights to make recruiting and enrolling for clinical trials simpler, smarter, and more efficient.

Leveraging principles of psychology for a better user experience. Our director of digital strategy explores five ways human behavior and psychology drive user experience.

Community outreach: Reaching patients where they live. Learn about community outreach – the act of getting messages to patients through one-on-one, personal interactions – which is a tactic we use to drive patient recruitment.

Elsewhere in the news.

Giving children a voice in clinical trials. This new study, led by Children’s National Health System researchers, suggests that self-reported outcomes for children with incurable cancer may be a new clinical trial endpoint.

Mobile health data considerations for clinical research. Learn how to use mobile health data before, during, and after your trials to optimize results and patient experiences.

Clinical news roundup: Should cancer patients find their own trials? Because there are so many forms of cancer, it’s often hard for patients to find the right trial, which makes it even more important for patients to talk with other patients.

Five strategies for pharma engagement on social media. One way to earn long-term trust and favorability among patients outside the doctor’s office is with a social media strategy.

How Big Pharma is tackling patient centricity and diversity challenges in clinical trials. What does it mean to be patient-centric, practically speaking? Find out from patient centricity experts at four Big Pharma companies.

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