January synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

As we settle into 2021, our latest posts should help you put your best foot forward with your recruitment efforts this year!

health awareness days and advocacy
Health awareness days impact advocacy initiatives. Capitalizing on awareness days, weeks, and months can be a great way to educate patients about clinical trials as a possible treatment option! Learn how Praxis can help.


pillars of outreach
Praxis’ pillars of outreach. From paid media to strategic partnerships, see all the ways we can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a recruitment campaign.


pillars of outreach
To subscribe or not to subscribe: The best medical podcasts for 2021. Pop in your earbuds and get up to speed on what’s going on in the world of healthcare!


pillars of outreach
Understanding COVID-19 contact tracing. Contact tracing is a controversial topic that’s part of the everyday COVID-19 news cycle. The key is understanding how it works, then deciding if you can help.


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