Focused patient recruitment; award-winning website.

Back in early 2015, we launched the new Praxis website with one goal in mind – to give pharmaceutical companies looking to recruit for research studies a window into what we’re all about. Little did we know it would land us some pretty high recognition. We recently found out that our site won the 2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award for Best Pharmaceuticals Website.

The new site was designed to showcase our various capabilities (think international experience, analytics, retention, influencer outreach, and social listening), along with our deep experience across therapeutic areas.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to have an eye toward patient-centricity, we also wanted to make it clear that this has always been the way at Praxis. Which is why you won’t see any stuffy researchers in lab coats here – we’re all about the patient, all the time. And we focused on a mobile-first design, ensuring that whoever pays us a visit has the best possible experience, no matter what device is being used.

The Web Marketing Association’s Internet Advertising Competition is the standards-defining competition for websites. Entries are judged on creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, and use of the medium. So you can tell why we’re so thrilled to have earned this honor.

You’re already here on our blog, so feel free to poke around to the rest of our now-award-winning site. Go ahead, see what all the hype’s about.

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