Healthcare ads we love.

Finding inspiration in the healthcare marketing space not only gets our creative juices flowing but also challenges us to continually up our game. And that’s just what the ads from University of Utah Healthcare, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, and Novartis did for us this past year. Have a look at what moved us in 2018.

A salute to Olympic athletes.

In this TV spot from the University of Utah Healthcare, we meet less-than-stellar winter athletes doing the best they can. Their ability is not Olympic level – as we see them charmingly slip, fall, and stumble – but that doesn’t mean they should have less access to care than an Olympian. University of Utah Healthcare shows us what care for all looks like.

Three little words.

Every day, you have opportunities to be there for someone else. They might be small gestures, like helping a neighbor with groceries, or reassuring your child struggling with homework. But who is there when you need help? St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers care to the caregivers, and they know the importance of “I’m right here.”

Dancing on the beach!

This commercial from Novartis, which follows a patient with psoriasis, is sure to lift your spirits. We often focus on what holds patients back, but what happens when those symptoms are no longer? The possibilities seem endless. And this patient isn’t letting anything hold him back from where he truly loves to be – at the beach showing off his awesome dance moves!

These are just a few of our favorite healthcare ads from 2018. Share your favorites with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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