DIA 2021 recap.

The DIA Annual Global Meeting 2021 recently took place from June 27 to July 1. This yearly gathering brings together an international audience and focuses on learning, collaborating, and sharing ideas on healthcare challenges. And as with most conferences of late, DIA was held on a fully virtual platform. Here’s what our Praxis attendees have to say about their experience.

Bob Loll, SVP, Business Development & Strategic Planning

“DIA continues to be the place to be as far as learning is concerned, not limited to content, connections, and industry insights. Our industry tends to cycle through themes and this year was no exception. To me, there was a clear and palpable focus on diversity and decentralized trials, both impacted and accelerated by a pandemic. Lots of presentations addressed, mentioned, discussed, and provided solutions that promote a more inclusive audience while removing barriers to participation. While there has been agreement for years, this is important and something to strive for, and we’re now seeing our industry take actions that are meaningful and measurable. Along with this, we’re seeing wonderful advances in patient-focused drug development and patient engagement initiatives while listening (and responding) to patient preferences.”

Colleen Hatcher, Sr. Director, Business Development

“Attending DIA 2021 in a virtual setting still allowed for great sessions and panel discussions, but reminded me how grateful I am for the technology available to us today. While it was a successful conference, nothing can take the place of in-person sessions, face-to-face interaction, and live Q&A. There is so much to look forward to when we come back together in 2022!”

Megan Tafelski

Megan Tafelski, Marketing Strategy Manager

“As my first experience ‘attending’ an industry conference, it was great to become more aware of truly how wide the scale of involved organizations is and how things continue to evolve, especially post-COVID. It was a little challenging to know where to start and how to attempt building relationships and networking remotely – but an awesome experience nonetheless.”

nina taylor praxis marketing strategist

Nina Taylor, Marketing Strategist

“As always, it was great to hear the voices from our colleagues and experts in the field this year. I really appreciate everyone’s transparency in the sharing of key takeaways as they relate to learnings (good and bad) from COVID.”


Looking ahead to 2022.

Next year’s DIA is scheduled to be a hybrid event. As COVID-related conference restrictions are loosening, we are hopeful that we will be able to come together as an industry at this impactful meeting to share insights and make those valuable face-to-face connections and collaborations. We at Praxis can’t wait to see you in person at our booth in 2022!

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