Why content strategy for patient recruitment makes sense for your campaign.

Wondering if you should plan content strategy for patient recruitment? Fortunately, you’re already thinking about it, which means you’re on the right track. The more people use digital resources to research conditions and symptoms, the greater the need for pharmaceutical companies and study sites to engage online with these potential study participants. As a leader in patient recruitment for clinical trials, we at Praxis strongly believe in the power of content strategy. Read on for our answers to questions you might have about this highly effective tactic – has to say.

Do clinical trials need content strategists?

Just as you wouldn’t choose any random site location to conduct your study, you wouldn’t pick any random person to plan the content strategy for patient recruitment. Working with a content strategist or a company well versed in this field can do wonders for your enrollment rates. Content strategists have a variety of responsibilities in their role, including:

  • Writing engaging copy for the study’s website
  • Managing any social media on behalf of the study
  • Working with media teams to plan and launch targeted online ads
  • Working with analytics teams to monitor audience traffic to see how users interact with the website
  •  Regularly writing and publishing blog posts, press releases, and articles about the study

And so much more. Needless to say, you’ll want a talented writer who can not only research and understand study-related topics but also diligently post to the study’s social media (as well as appropriately respond to comments on social platforms).

What is the role of a content strategist within patient recruitment?

We can’t stress enough the importance of a website or a social media account for patient recruitment. Typically, a patient’s first move isn’t to call their doctor to learn about a study opportunity. Instead, they pull out their phone or laptop and browse the web – who doesn’t first turn to Google when something’s on their mind?

Having a content strategist on your team can improve your overall patient enrollment rates. By anticipating the needs of potential participants and the questions they may have about a study, your team can plan content strategy around the predicted user journey for a more intuitive user experience. A content strategist can help create targeted advertisements for relevant searches patients may engage in. Basically, if it’s online and has words, it was probably created by someone who has a background in content strategy.

What else is there to know about content strategists for patient recruitment?

Content strategists help companies stay one step ahead of customers’ online needs. Along the same lines, a professional content strategist for patient recruitment can help a pharmaceutical company build a web presence for a trial and get the attention of potential study participants searching for available clinical trials.

What are you waiting for?

Our team uses their content strategy expertise to help pharma and biotech companies find qualified patients to meet enrollment goals. If you are part of a clinical trial that could use content strategy to recruit patients, contact Praxis today.

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