Debunking clinical trial myths part 1: “They’re unsafe.”

In the world of clinical trial recruitment, there are many myths that circulate and prevent people from participating in these meaningful studies. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be exploring these myths one by one.

This week, our myth is: “Clinical trials are unsafe.”

There are many regulations in place to keep clinical trial participants safe. Each trial protocol is reviewed and approved by an institutional review board (IRB), which is comprised of doctors, health professionals, and community members who review studies to protect the rights and well-being of study participants.

During the informed consent process – an introduction to a clinical trial that takes place before a patient enrolls – the study doctor will thoroughly review the trial with each patient, including any known risks or side effects. Clinical trial participants also receive regular and careful medical attention and are closely monitored for safety concerns. Throughout the study, researchers are obligated to inform patients of any new risks, benefits, or side effects they discover.

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