Driving traffic to a study website.

We live in a time when the internet can instantaneously provide access to information on any topic. So when it comes to patients and their families looking for insight into a disease, having a dedicated study website can bring validity to your clinical trial. This tactic can be aimed at not only potential study participants and their family members but also referring physicians. That said, we can’t expect people to just find the website on their own. At Praxis, we use two primary channels to increase clinical study website traffic.

Paid media placements. Online paid advertising can provide varying levels of targeting to reach potential study participants who may (or may not) be actively seeking information about their condition or treatment options. That’s why we often consider a tiered strategy for paid digital advertising, including platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Hulu, and Pandora – all of which can lead to the study website with a simple click of an ad.

Trusted individuals and organizations. Patients may also learn of a study through a person or organization they trust. Online, this may be through a closed Facebook group, an advocacy organization’s eNewsletter, or an influencer’s social feed. Through community outreach, patients may also receive a study brochure from their physician or a flyer at a community event. All these tactics can include trackable URLs, allowing Praxis to analyze and then capitalize on tactics that are effectively increasing traffic to the clinical study website.

In-house digital solutions.

When developing any recruitment strategy, Praxis keeps both the patient and their care partner top of mind. We track all tactics to the fullest extent possible, optimizing as recruitment progresses. Whether the website is a simple landing page or has full prescreening capabilities, Praxis can customize a solution that best fits your study’s needs. Contact our dedicated strategy team to learn more about how a digital patient-focused recruitment strategy can benefit your next clinical trial.

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