March synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

In this month’s synopsis, check out our highlights from a few key industry conferences, get our thoughts on a recent National Geographic issue, take a crash course in FDA regulations, and more.

The latest from Praxis.

Praxis at SCOPE Summit 2019: A recap and our takeaways. Praxis marketing strategist Lindsay Evans reminisces on her experiences as a first-timer at this year’s SCOPE Summit.

pharmaceutical tv ads and fda. praxis. patient recruitment organization. pro.FDA regulations for pharmaceutical TV ads. We step out of our clinical trial recruitment world to explore FDA regulations governing messaging in pharma TV ads.

The importance of a healthy brand in recruitment campaigns. Get a peek into how we approach clinical study branding for diverse patient populations.

annual patient recruitment and retention summit 2019. praxis. patient recruitment organization. pro. Leading the way at the 11th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit. Read up on our key takeaways from this year’s Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit, where Praxis served as a Silver Sponsor.

National Geographic magazine’s “The Future of Medicine” review. Take a look at a few favorite photographs and learn more about the compelling stories behind the images from Nat Geo’s first issue of 2019.

Patients as Partners Conference Recap. We’re sharing our top two highlights from the Patients as Partners Conference, which Praxis attended back in early March.

An amazing advocate for our industry: CISCRP. Learn why we can’t imagine the clinical trial space without the hard work and constant support CISCRP provides for our industry.

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