January synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

In this month’s synopsis, read how sponsors benefit from working with Praxis, get to know another Praxis executive, learn about site-level advocacy outreach tips for your next study, and more.

The latest from Praxis.

Why working with Praxis is beneficial to sponsors. Check out three tactics that set us apart from other PROs.

Praxis executive interview series: Part 3. Get to know Karen Grobe, our senior director of project management.

Tips for advocacy outreach. These site-level ideas are sure to enhance your outreach efforts for your next research study.

Elsewhere in the news.

Scientists may have cracked mystery of tick-borne virus. USC researchers may have finally discovered the molecular mechanisms behind severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS).

Biggest ever map of human Alzheimer’s brain published. Check out this University of Manchester study that has produced the largest-ever dataset of its type.

SFU researchers find new clues to controlling HIV. Learn about the team investigating a connection between infection control and how well antiviral T cells respond to diverse HIV sequences.

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