April and May synopsis: The latest in Praxis and clinical research news.

In this month’s synopsis, check out some opinion pieces from our Praxis employees, get to know our director of business development, and more.

The latest from Praxis.

Praxis executive interview series: Part 4. Get to know Colleen Hatcher, our director of business development.

Could patient recruitment soon become an entirely automated industry? See why we believe – for the foreseeable future – that the patient recruitment industry is safe from robots.

Overcoming recruitment challenges at the site level. Get a glimpse of how our site relations services provide a link between your company and the study sites.

newly diagnosed patient into a study blogReaching out to newly diagnosed patients without intimidating them. A diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming for a patient with any condition. Here’s how we make clinical research more accessible and easier to understand during the patient recruitment process.

marketing clinical trials to millennial parentsMarketing clinical trials to millennial parents. Can taking advantage of millennial stereotypes actually improve research?


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